Tough cross examination today of Kenneth Kormendy in a Windsor courtroom.

Crown Attorney Walter Costa dissected Kormendy's statement to police for more than six hours Friday, arguing it is opposite of what he testified to on the stand.

Kormendy is charged with eight offences, including three counts of attempted murder, after an arson fire last October.

The 44 year old Kormendy testified this week that he wanted to get back together with an ex-girlfriend, and his girlfriend at the time – Sheri Rueda – got upset.

Later that night on October 24, 2015 – a fire engulfed the home on 1680 Balfour Boulevard. Both adults were living in the home with two children, one child was seriously burned.

Costa suggests Kormendy conveniently made up the story after he had been charged. Costa noted when Kormendy was interviewed by a detective the morning after the fire, there was no mention of an ex-girlfriend.

Kormendy suggests Rueda set the house on fire, since she was the only other person in the home that night.

The ex-girlfriend Kormendy talked about took the stand Friday afternoon. Joanne Kormendi confirmed they had talks about getting back together in the days before the fire.

Justice Christopher Bondy will hear final arguments on Monday.