Former Kingsville Fire Chief Robert ‘Bob’ Kissner has been found guilty of nine sex-related charges.

Justice Pamela Hebner delivered the verdict in a Windsor court on Tuesday.

Kissner has been found guilty of five counts of sexual assault and four counts of sexual exploitation.

He was found not guilty in eight other sex-related charges.

Kissner was facing 17 sex-related charges involving eight alleged victims.

Outside of court, Crown attorney Jennifer Holmes says Kissner could be facing a jail term, but won’t say how much.

Defence lawyer Ken Marley says it could be as much as 3.5 years in jail because of minimum mandatory sentences under the Criminal Code of Canada for sexual exploitation.

Kissner himself wouldn’t comment as he walked across the street to meet a probation officer to start work on a pre-sentence report. His bail conditions remain in effect until he is sentenced.

A sentencing hearing has been set for June 28.

Kissner, 62, faces two new charges after the OPP said an additional complainant came forward in March, alleging sexual assault.

Kissner is now facing a charge of sexual assault and a separate charge of sexual interference.