There is a growing movement towards buying and eating local foods.

Kingsville public school students got to see the value of local, up close and personal by cooking meals with produce collected from their own community garden.

It was a hands-on lesson about local food and the value of it as the students prepare a salad and stew, from scratch with ingredients they grew themselves in their own school garden. 

One student says “it makes it cool because you know you made it. It’s fresh.”

The seeds were planted last year and today they're putting all their healthy produce to good use.

“We believe every school should have this opportunity,” says Keri Kaufmann. “What a great outdoor classroom to have this on site to learn by hands, by asking questions and seeing the whole process.”

Four Kingsville chefs teamed up with the grade seven and eight students, to not only show them some culinary skills, but to also teach them how the foods they grow can be utilized at home and in restaurants, where the use of local food is a priority.