A Kingsville strawberry farm is getting some recognition.

Mucci Farms, one of the largest indoor strawberry farm in North America, has been awarded the President's Choice Fresh Product of the Year Award.

The award is from Loblaw Companies Limited for their greenhouse strawberries.

“We’ve been growing traditional greenhouse items for over 50 years but strawberries were our first attempt at growing an unconventional greenhouse product,” said Danny Mucci, president of Mucci international marketing.  “Our team and I were completely blown away and speechless when we got the news that we were nominated.”

The Smuccies Sweet Strawberries brand first began trialing the product in 2014 eventually going to market with full scale production in 2016. 

The criteria for the prestigious award required the product to be launched between Fall 2016 and Summer 2017, and had to be a truly unique stand alone as first to market in Canada. 

The winner was determined by a ballot vote by colleagues of Loblaw Companies Ltd. 

The award was presented at the 2018 Loblaw Brands Innovation Summit held in Toronto on April 5.

PC Greenhouse Strawberries are available across Ontario in several retail supermarkets owned and operated by Loblaw Companies Ltd.