WINDSOR -- Damaging testimony at a hearing into the fate of a Windsor nephrologist.

Dr. Albert Kadri, a kidney specialist, is appealing a decision by Windsor Regional Hospital in 2018 to remove his privileges.

Tuesday's hearing heard from Dr. Adeera Levin, a nephrologist from British Columbia. She was asked to review and assess 24 of Dr. Kadri's patient's charts to see if the hospital's concerns were justified.

Dr. Levin said local patients were getting "sub-optimal care" because of Dr. Kadri's "failure to communicate" and "lack of judgement."

Dr. Levin told Ontario's health professions appeal and review board that she found it unusual for Dr. Kadri to not refer his patients to the hospital's multi-care kidney clinic where patients have access to other doctors, nurses, social workers and dieticians as they navigate life on dialysis.

The board heard the clinic only learned of kidney patients when their health became an emergency and they needed immediate care.

Dr. Levin also suggested Dr. Kadri's actions are costly to the system because some patients were getting the same procedures and tests twice – on his orders and from a specialist on call in the clinic during an emergency.

Dr. Kadri cross-examined Dr. Levin who admitted the 24 patient charts she reviewed were chosen by the hospital. She also said she never did seek out any patient charges and never visited Dr. Kadri's practice.

Dr. Kadri is still licensed to practice medicine in Ontario. He just cannot see his patients in the hospital.

Some of his patients are expected to be witnesses in this hearing, which will continue on Wednesday and in December.