A Windsor man has been found guilty of attempted murder and arson.

Kenneth Kormendy, 44, was charged with eight offences, including three counts of attempted murder, following a fire on Balfour Boulevard in Windsor last October.

He was found guilty of three charges of attempted murder, as well as arson causing property damage. Some of the arson charges were stayed because elements of them were covered under the attempted murder charges.

Sheri Rueda and her children were asleep inside 1680 Balfour when it went up in flames on Oct. 24, 2015. Her 7-year-old daughter suffered serious burn injuries on 15 per cent of her body.

In Superior Court on Monday, Judge Christopher Bondy found Kormendy guilty of setting that fire.

“It’s the right judgement,” says Rueda family friend Marty Doll.

In his decision, Bondy called Kormendy's entire version of events irreconcilable with all the other witnesses.

Bondy went on to say that by his own admission, Kormendy never called out to anyone for help, he didn't warn Rueda about the fire from outside and even though he had a cell phone in his pocket, he didn't call 911.

Bondy says the only "inescapable inference" is “the accused meant to kill both Miss Rueda and Isabel Rueda.”

Bondy found Kormendy guilty on a third charge of attempted murder, even though Kormendy rescued the infant girl from her crib. He says when the fire was started "the crime is complete.”

Bondy believes Kormendy only went back into the home after other witnesses ran in to help.

“How's his family? I didn't get a chance to speak with them, they were deeply invested in this, it was likely difficult for them to hear what they heard this morning,” says defence lawyer Evan Weber.

Kormendy has also been found guilty of possession of an incendiary device and materials.

Sentencing submissions will be heard on March 16. Crown attorney Walter Costa says he'll be asking for a life sentence.

CTV’s Michelle Maluske has details from Superior Court: