WINDSOR, ONT. -- After a wildly successful first event, the June 27th Miracle organizing committee is launching the 2021 version, with a minor tweak.

“We’re changing it up,” says organizer Matt Hernandez. “We’re going to have the organizations that want to receive donations, actually register with us so that way we can actually prepare them and educate them and empower them in how to actually receive these donations.”

Last June 27, an army of volunteers fanned out across Windsor-Essex collecting more than two million pounds of food donations.

Having been on the committee last year, Hernandez knows how much work is ahead of him.

“The reason to this is that there’s a huge need in the community,” he says.

“You think of that kid that needs food or that family that’s struggling or that person who lost their job and they need that helping hand. That’s kind of what’s powering us through these next couple of weeks.”

They are now looking to recruit volunteers, those interested can sign up online.

Hernandez is hoping to get the same turnout as last year.

“We had over 10,000 volunteers sign up, and truth be told, we weren’t ready for that and we didn’t know what to do with them.” Hernandez says.

This year, he says they’re ready to put them to work, fanning out across Windsor-Essex on Sunday, June 27.

All they ask is residents put a food donation — no matter how big or small — on the front porch by noon.

“If people know that they can help, then they’re willing to help,” says Hernandez