An appeal hearing was held in Chatham-Kent court Wednesday, to determine the fate of 14 children in the ultra-Orthadox Jewish sect, Lev Tahor.

Justice Linda Templeton heard final evidence from the lawyers representing Lev Tahor, as well as Chatham-Kent Children's Services.

Members of Lev Tahor are appealing a previous decision made in February, ordering 14 children into the custody of children's aid.

Much of Wednesday’s hearing dealt with whether children's services in Chatham had the legal jurisdiction to enforce orders made in Quebec.

About 200 members of Lev Tahor fled Quebec in November amid allegations of abuse by that province's child protection services.

The lawyer for Chatham-Kent Children's Services argued there is no legislative pathway to enforce the Quebec order, which she says flies in the face of reason.

The judge told the court she will render her final decision, in writing, by Monday.