The lawyer for a man accused of providing false documents to attend Catholic Central High School is looking to get him out on bail.

Lawyer Frank Miller represents Jonathan Nicola.

Nicola was detained in mid-April, by the Canada Border Services Agency.

The CBSA alleges Nicola was posing as a 17-year-old, but they say his previous visa applications put him at 29 years of age.

He's currently being held at the South West Detention Centre.

Miller says members of the local South Sudanese community are willing to pose as surety for Nicola, should he be released from custody.

Miller says his client doesn't pose any danger to society and shouldn't be behind bars.

“It's a little harsh, if you will, if you're thrust into a jail population with convicted criminals and people awaiting trial with serious matters and you're just there as an immigration detainee,” says Miller. “It's not nice, and you're treated no differently than other detainees, no worse, no better, but it's probably in the best world wouldn't be the case.”