Hot off a North American tour, a local drummer is picking up his sticks again for a good cause.

Jeff Burrows is drumming for 24 hours straight at his LiUNA625 13th Annual Drum Marathon.

"It’s more of a mental game,” says Burrows. “Once you get through that night session and the sun comes up, pray for sun, we're good. "

Burrows just returned from Los Angeles Monday, after the first leg of The Tea Party's largest tour in years.

"I'm more ready than ever,” says Burrows. “I've got 45 shows under my belt in the last 60-odd, 70 days. I’ve got no back issues, no shoulder issues."

The goal is to raise $60,000 for six local mental health charities.

Burrows will have some help, with about 20 other performers joining him on stage.

"I'm not an advocate for free, especially asking that of fellow band members and so on, but, everyone likes to try to step up,” says Burrows.

The event starts at 4 p.m. Friday at Good Time Charly on Tecumseh Road. Burrows drums from midnight Friday to midnight Saturday.

Cost is $20 for adults, $10 for seniors and $40 for a family. Wristbands are available at Good Time Charly and from the bands and allows entrance at any time during the marathon. Anyone wishing to donate can do so online.

Here's the schedule:

May 24:
4pm-5pm: Justin Jewel
5pm-6pm: Norm Ackland
6pm-8 pm: Wellness Band
8pm-9pm: Fresh Breath
9pm-10 pm: ABX
10pm-11pm: The Playing Ground
11pm-12am: The Universe Featuring Ray

May 25: Jeff Burrows starts
12am-1am: The Blues Side
1am-2am: Smokin' Purple Monkey Gang
2am-3am: The Universe Featuring Ray 
3am-7am: Twisted Sisters
7 am-9am: Leave Those Kids Alone
9am-10am: Alec Lauziere
10am-11am: The All-nighters
11am-12pm: The Wilkinsons
12pm-1pm: Tara Watts
1pm-2pm: Those Guys (Chris McLean and BJ)
2pm-3pm: Last Minute
3pm-4pm: The Source
4pm-5pm: The Van Lares
5pm-6pm: The Formula
6pm-7pm: ITABITH
7pm-8pm: 1979
8pm-10pm: The Instinct
10pm-11pm: Christine Campbell/Blake Johnston
11pm- 1am May 26: Short Notice