There were terrifying moments as a car crashed through the waiting room of an east Windsor walk-in clinic, injuring five people on Monday afternoon.

Medical staff rushed to help those hurt in the incident at Westminster Medical Clinic at 5115 Tecumseh Rd E near at Westminster Boulevard.

The staff at are already back to work doing what they do best, helping people.

In surveillance video obtained by CTV Windsor, the car can be seen approaching the clinic and appears to slow down to pull into a parking spot out front, but no one could have expected what happened next.

“There was a very, very loud sound of smashing glass,” says Dr. Frank Drkulec. "It sounded like a TV was dropped from 200 feet and smashed in front of you and then screaming. You just heard screaming and, ‘Oh my God’ and you're wondering if anyone is hurt under the car or hit on the other side of the car. It was terrifying."

Drkulec was in an exam room, he rushed out to see what happened.

"Quickly went out to the waiting room and there was a car there,” says Drkulec. “It was chaos.”

At first the doctor didn't see the patient trapped under the car.

"We were on this side and people on the other side were screaming,” says Drkulec. “We ran around and came to see the patient and he was pinned and it was scary."

He says it was clear the man was wounded.

"There was a big plate of glass that had sliced his arm and there was a lot of blood on the floor,” says Drkulec. “He was conscious. He was talking."

Staff worked to help the man as they waited for emergency crews. They wrapped, compressed his wound and the bleeding stopped.

Firefighters were able to lift the vehicle off the man. Witnesses say they used a car jack.

Police say the man remains in hospital.

"He had serious lacerations on one arm and burns on another arm," says Const. Andrew Drouillard. “He's in good spirits at this point and he said he expects to be released from hospital tomorrow."

Four others were taken to hospital as a precaution.

The vehicle crashed through the outside window and the reception wall.. where linda (var-ja-sic) varjacic was sitting.. just a few feet away.

"when it hit the wall.. it pushed the desk and myself a little bit back."

By 12 p.m. Tuesday, it was back to business as usual for the staff, who added a new family physician to team today.

"Something we didn't anticipate but we're already starting to renovate so I'm going to take it as a huge positive,” Dr. Erika Aragona. “I know the area has a huge need, so I'm excited to be here."

It will likely take a few weeks to a month to complete those renovations, but the walk-in clinic and family practice remain open.

Windsor police say they are still investigating and so far no charges have been laid.