WINDSOR, ONT. -- There’s a social media network slowly creeping into Windsor neighbourhoods called 'Nextdoor' — and there’s a recent push around the city to get more people signed up.

Nextdoor is a hyper-local private social networking tool aimed at bringing neighbours closer together through user-generated content.

The app features different sub-regions within cities across the world as a way to share information and stay up to date with what’s happening on your block.

The company, based in the U.S., is now using mail-outs, in a standard form from existing local users to get people to join the community.

“If you get a letter in the mail, don’t be scared, it’s just me,” says Nancy Lefebvre, who joined the app last year.

Nancy Lefebvre is a member of the East-Windsor group who initially used the tool to get help.

“Last summer, our cat got out and he was missing for three days and that’s actually how we ended up finding him again was by posting it through there and he was just halfway down the block at somebody else’s house,” says Lefebvre.

Since then she’s reached out to neighbours to organize events, meet new people and even uses the app as a way to enhance community safety.

“It’s kind of like the neighbourhood watch. People are able to look out for their neighbours without being too much in their neighbour’s business,” she says.

Nextdoor gives users the opportunity to invite neighbours by mail. When those efforts are successful, the user gets the option to send out more requests to more people in their sub-region.

Lefebvre’s name appears on at least 1,000 letters sent out in east Windsor — all with her permission.

“It’s very much not a scam, and I know it can appear that way when you do get a letter in the mail,” Lefebrve says. “But give it a chance. Hopefully, it will turn into something great.”

The app also features restaurant recommendations, lists of local service providers and buy and sell forums.

“It’s helping bring neighbours closer together while being socially distanced,” says Lefebrve.