WINDSOR, ONT. -- A Guns N’ Roses fan is trying to get a $600 CDN refund from online ticket company “Vivid Seats,” because of the border closure.

“My situation is a little bit more unique,” says Stephanie Duval, who spent $89.90 USD on four tickets to a show at Comerica Park.

It was originally slated for July 11, 2020 but was cancelled due to the pandemic.

It was initially rescheduled to July 24, 2021 and has now been pushed further back to Aug. 8.

“Neither myself nor my husband nor my sister or brother in law, we all work, none of us would have the ability to quarantine for two weeks after going to a concert,” says Duval. So she emailed the company, repeatedly, asking for a refund only to be told they only issue refunds when concerts are cancelled out right.

“So basically because they have rescheduled the concert is a go and you are out luck,” Duval was told.

Duval understands companies don’t have pandemic policies, and many businesses have been seriously impacted by the pandemic.

But she says, “It’s the principle of it, right?”

“I want to go to the concert,” says Duval. “I should be considered for a refund in this case because I may very well, may not be able to attend and more specifically the border is not open.”

Land border crossing between Canada and the United States have been closed since mid-March 2020 and the current extension is set to expire in late June.

Duval isn’t confident it will reopen in time for either show so she contacted CTV News and after two emails and one phone call from the media, the company agreed to refund the tickets.

“We take these matters very seriously,” says spokesperson Michael O’Neil.

Within an hour, Duval spoke to a representative of Vivid Seats who told her it could take up to five days, but a refund would be deposited onto her credit card.

“At Vivid Seats we have refunded thousands of orders totaling tens of millions of dollars since all live events were shut down due to the pandemic. As one of the few marketplaces offering a full cash refund, Vivid Seats consistently communicates with each consumer once an event is canceled,” spokesperson from Vivid Seats says.

“Ultimately the best outcome would have been to go to the concert but I’ll take the refund.”

Duval says it will be a long time before she considers another cross-border concert.

“I think that now, this is a brand new concern and I’ll probably stay in Ontario for any concerts."