WINDSOR, ONT. -- Vicki Sinclair’s apartment was one of those heavily damaged during Saturday’s fire at 8545 Little River Road.

“My place, it was raining through the ceiling,” she said. “It’s destroyed. It’s done.”

She and her neighbours have been forced to find a new place to stay while the owner sifts through the aftermath.

Teri Ethier’s parents are staying with a friend because their home is accessible and is happy to hear the management company is trying to find a placement solution for them.

“I’m not sure if they’re going to be able to find a place for my parents due to the lack of accessible housing in Windsor. We’re just trying to be hopeful right now and we’re just going to go day by day,” said Ethier.

An official with the property management company tells CTV News the insurance company is currently in the building investigating the damage.

They expect things to wrap up by the end of the week with tenants being let in to recover some of their belongings next week.

The Ontario Fire Marshal has pegged the fire damage at $1.5 million.

“The fire started on a third-floor balcony”. said John Lee, Windsor Fire and Rescue Chief Prevention Officer. “It was an electrical power cord that failed. It was connected to a heater.”

Officials say the fire is not suspicious in nature and has forced between 75 and 100 people from their homes. 

Sinclair says the outpouring of support from the community has been appreciated but she has already discovered people online asking for help even though she doesn’t believe they lived at Villa Polonia.

“Just make sure it’s legit before you donate,” she said. “We do appreciate it. My heart is smiling from the community but please beware because I don’t want you guys donating and it’s not going to where it was intended to go to.”