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'It's a scam': Windsor's parking enforcement warns of parking ticket text message scam


The City of Windsor is warning residents about a text message scam that tells people to pay their overdue parking tickets.

According to Windsor's parking services co-ordinator Bill Kralovensky, the city received about 30 calls on Wednesday about the text and scam.

"Our phone lines were lit up," Kralovensky exclaimed.

"About 30 calls coming in, people asking how do I pay this? My staff are going what are you talking about?"

Kralovensky said the city does not send out text messages to remind people to pay their parking tickets or overdue fine, urging anyone who does receive a message to instead contact parking officials and Windsor Police.

"This is not from the City of Windsor," he explained. "We don't know your phone number. We don't have crystal balls to get everybody's phone number for the City of Windsor. We cannot send anything through text. It's not legal. It's not ethical."

Kralovensky said the only way the city notifies you of an unpaid parking ticket or overdue fine is through Canada Post.

He noted the scam is not only happening in Windsor and that it's happening in other municipalities.

"We had heard of one, maybe two or three months ago where this came up and it was just a one off. So, okay, well, maybe it was something. But now yesterday, like I said, must be a new wave of these coming out and we got all the phone calls yesterday."

Kralovensky added, "As soon as you read the ticket number that are on these, my staff know it's not ours. It's a scam. Please report this to the proper authorities."

Windsor Police told CTV News they had not received any recent complaints or concerns regarding the scam. Top Stories

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