A Windsor woman says she was driving home on Highway 401 when a tractor trailer lost a tire and struck her vehicle near Belle River Road.

Alyssa Richmond says she was driving westbound, home from work, when the eastbound truck and tire came at her.

"I turn over and look and I see this dark black huge object coming straight at me,” she says. “All of a sudden it just banged into my windshield."

Richmond says she had no time to react.

“(It) crashed my windshield part of the roof ripped off and it came down and right away my line of sight was impaired,” says Richmond. “I couldn't see where I was going."

She quickly hit the brakes and veered to the right. Her car came to stop after it hit the guard rail and she was able to climb out the passenger’s side door.


Richmond was taken to Leamington District Memorial Hospital.

It wasn't until she was getting treatment when she was informed it was a tire that smashed into her vehicle.

“I have a laceration to my head I have 10 staples in there right now,” says Richmond. “I have all these cuts on my face and I have a laceration on my hand that has about three sutures in it.”

Richmond says she is considering legal action.

CTV News reached out to the OPP. They confirm they are investigating the incident, but have not yet released any information about whether any charges will be laid.

While flying wheels decreased dramatically in Ontario after 1997, it's still a problem.

The MTO reported 148 incidents of so-called "reported wheel separations" two years ago.