The international ambassadors of Irish music are promising two rowdy St. Patrick’s Day performances in Windsor.

The Irish Rovers have charmed and entertained people around the world for more than 50 years.

The group's co-founder, George Millar, says the days of long tours are done, but the band still puts on a rollicking good show and they happen to be in Windsor to mark the Irish holiday.

Millar says they're planning a special party at Caesars Windsor.

"Windsor is always a great rowdy audience, well of course they'll be a wee bit more rowdy, but we'll have a great time," says Millar.

The band features original members Millar and Wilcil McDowell along with John Reynolds, Sean O’Driscoll, Ian Millar and Fred Graham.

Millar was just 16 years old when he met Jim Ferguson, at a function in Toronto in 1963. They were both new emigrants from Northern Ireland. He says he enjoys spreading the Irish culture to other Canadians.

"Well it's always been a very important thing for us, years ago before we became Canadian citizens we did a lot of representation for Canada at the world expos."

The group skyrocketed to success with their hit "Wasn't That a Party" in 1981 and have now produced over 40 albums in North America. He says they seem to appeal to all ages.

“We had our older fans, people who have seen us back in 1966 and 67 and then we had young 19, 20 year olds who are into Celtic rock and roll, they were there watching the show, then we had some little kids.”

The band is putting on two shows at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m., minors are not permitted.