WINDSOR, ONT. -- Windsor’s Iraqi-Canadian community is helping the city’s homeless.

More than 1,000 hand-made masks were donated to the Downtown Mission Friday.

Volunteers with the Iraqi Canadian Group Organization (ICGO) have been sewing the masks for weeks.

“This will ensure that many of our community members who might not be able to afford a mask and therefore might be limited to where they can go for support and supplies, will now be able to do so with this very kind donation by the ICGO,” a news release from the Downtown Mission stated.

The Mission says this kind of PPE is needed in Windsor’s homeless community and the Iraqi organization felt compelled to help.

“When somebody does something good, we have to show the appreciation and we have to unite so we can become stronger, and face crisis like this,” said ICGO’s executive director Khassan Saka.

Along with the mask donation, the ICGO presented a “Plaque of Friendship and Distinguished Service” to Laurie Musson, director of food services for the Downtown Mission.

Mission executive director Ron Dunn over the years the ICGO has provided donations and hours volunteering in many of the mission’s departments.

“We are so thankful for their generosity to serve those who come to the Mission for food, shelter and comfort, especially through the most difficult of times like we’re living through now,” he said.