The investigation continues into the cause of a massive marsh fire on Fighting Island.

The LaSalle Fire Service responded to several calls that originally around 8:30 p.m. Saturday.

Fire Chief Dave Sutton says high winds spread the fire quickly and engulfed most of the island directly across from LaSalle.

Sutton tells CTV News crews didn't leave until almost 5 a.m. Sunday, leaving charred trees behind.

“The crews did a fantastic job and we had great leadership over there,” says Sutton.

Fire crews from Amherstburg and Windsor also helped battle the blaze.

The large fire also attracted dozens of people to the nearby waterfront.

The island is owned by American chemicals company BASF but is in Canadian waters. There is only one permanent resident on the island which is primarily used for corporate retreats and school field trips.

Sutton says the teamwork meant there were no injuries and all the buildings were protected.

“We were able to stop it before it consumed -- on the other side of the roadway they made a break on the main road and saved about three quarters of the vegetation on the island,” adds Sutton.

It's estimated between 250 and 300 acres of vegetation was damaged.