As many as 300 vehicles are stuck on roads or ditches in Huron, Perth, Grey and Bruce County.

In one case Monday night, a Bruce County plow lead police to a motorist who was stuck in their car for more than eight hours. All roads remain closed in the previously stated four counties. This is the first time in at least 15 years all roads in all counties have been closed.

Plows returned to roadways in all four counties Tuesday trying to clear the snow. The situation is most severe in Bruce County where they are considering pulling plows from the roads again.

Crews are dealing with drifts between 8-10 feet high on some roads. In Huron County, 18 plows, three graders and two big snow blowers are trying cut through the drifts.

Brent Glasier, Bruce County’s Highways Operations Supervisor, says it’s the worst storm he’s seen since 1977. Bruce Power brought in extra staff Monday night in preparation for the storm.

If the roads remain closed, some workers will have to stay at the nuclear plant.

Dave Laurie, Huron County’s Public Works Director says that at least one plow operator slept in their snow plow Monday night because they couldn’t make it through the blizzard. Several plow operators from Huron, Perth, Grey and Bruce County had to spend the night at the work yards because they couldn’t make it home.

A number of emergency crews also didn’t make it home Monday night and had to stay on the job.