Workers at Integram Seating in Lakeshore have ratified a new agreement, with 86 per cent voting in favour of the new deal.

It's on the heels of a very brief strike early Monday morning, which was halted when both sides reached a new tentative agreement.

The deal includes wage increases of roughly seven per cent over four years, the elimination of co-pay benefits, as well as a one-time $3,500 signing bonus.

But Unifor local 444 president Dino Chiodo says Integram will eliminate the General Motors "foam work," which he says will also result in the loss of 60 to 90 jobs.

"That's the cost of what it takes in order to facilitate getting to where we need for this. It's unfortunate that we've gotten rid of jobs to pay for a collective agreement," said Chiodo after the ratification vote.

"At the same time, there's a democratic process that happened here. And in saying that, we've secured what our members were looking for," he said.

The original tentative deal was rejected by workers over the weekend.

Of the 700-plus workers who voted Sunday, only 42 per cent of them were in favour of the previous four-year contract. The deal included wage increases and improvement for new hires.

Chiodo tells CTV Windsor the company told the union anymore wage hikes would mean the closure of the Lakeshore plant.

Integram makes seating for minivans built at Fiat-Chrysler's Windsor Assembly Plant. That plant is already facing an unexpected shutdown of its minivan operation next week, due to a fire at a U.S. parts supplier.