WINDSOR, ONT. -- The historic Assumption Church is making headway on some of its interior restorations.

There has been “extensive” interior work completed in Phase 1A with the renovation of church’s “deteriorated” ceiling and water damaged plaster as well as attic work which includes new stairs to the bell tower, new lighting and new wiring for ceiling lighting,” Paul Mullins of the Assumption Church restoration project says.

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Other work that has been completed include the temporary removal of pews, speakers, stations of the cross and wall plaques, erection of access scaffolding with three working levels, removal of paint and the reinstallation of all plaster stars on the ceiling as well as replication of the stars to replace those missing and damaged.

New stencils to restore the original décor have also been created and the development of modelling for a new sound system has started.


The attic has been cleared of all loose debris and old attic insulation to make room for renovations. New fire alarms have also been installed.

The budget to complete the Phase2A renovations which will include the east aisle ceiling and wall is $1,650,000. Renovations are only done with a “cash on hand” basis, so $275,000 is needed to complete the work.

The construction budget for the west aisle (Phase 2B) has been established at $1,250,000 and the centre aisle including the sanctuary (Phase 2C) is $1,750,000.

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Portions of the work completed in Phase 2A are not required for Phases 2B and 2C,” Mullins says. This includes the architectural design work, the identification of 18 different colours to replicate the original decor, the centre aisle walkway in the attic, the service platform over the sanctuary and the new stairs to the bell tower.

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