Even though the fine for illegal dumping is up to $5000, that doesn't stop some Windsor residents.

"Toilet here, toilet there. It's terrible. It's offensive and it's depressing really," says John Gellnerhe while walking through a parking lot on Daytona and Totten Road.

Ward 10 councillor Al Maghnieh agrees.

"There is a zero tolerance policy for dumping," says Maghnieh.

"Because the area is private property. The first thing that should happen is residents call 311. The city will then issue by law enforcement order for removal. We will attend the site, go through the garbage to see who is doing the dumping. If we can track down video surveillance we'll do that and we will find them," he adds.

Couches, mattresses or other items you no longer want, the city expects you to drop it off at the public drop off depot but it will cost you.

If you are heading to the dump, you can expect to pay $4 for 4 loads of garbage per year.

Any additional loads will cost $10.50 per kilogram.

Residents will be charged $3 for every container of grass.

Electronics, recyclables and scrap metal can be dropped off free of charge.

Residents can call 311 anytime for information about trash and recycling policies.