For Criss Angel, the magic formula to a successful performance is an emotional connection with the audience.

"I never put the importance for the audience on ‘How does he do that?’ I always put the importance on how do you feel when you watch it," says Angel in a Facetime interview with CTV News.

The 51-year-old illusionist launched his Mindfreak TV series in 2005 and has his own mind-boggling live show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, but he says he's always working hard and trying new things.

"It's a lot easier to the destination, but to remain there, to remain the most relevant, I work harder now than I ever have," says Angel.

The magician sold out his last trip to Caesars Windsor in January, 2018 and now he’s returning to the Colosseum stage for an all-ages show Thursday night.

“The energy, the audience, Canada is just unbelievable and I was so excited that they asked me to come back," says Angel.

Angel says he has evolved and transformed “RAW – The Mindfreak Unplugged” show.

"I've added new illusions, new pieces of magic you see me do on television for the very first time I'll be performing in Windsor," says Angel.

Fans have come to expect a lot of interaction with the audience and Angel says this show will reflect that.

"The audience is participating, I'm performing magic in the audience, they're coming on the stage," says Angel.

Angel announced in April he will have shoulder surgery next year. The injury forced him to reduce his weight training and performance schedule.

“It hasn't really affected me performing, knock on wood, so I still will be doing the straight jacket, and the crazy things that I do," he says.

Off the stage, Angel has been a champion for childhood cancer awareness.

His son was diagnosed with cancer before he was two years old, but after three years of chemotherapy, but has now been in remission for over four months. He has raised millions of dollars for cancer research.

"So I'm trying to raise awareness, trying to raise dollars to try to be a voice for these incredibly brave children that have to suffer this horrible disease."

With Johnny Christopher back in good health, Angel and his wife welcomed another baby boy to their family in January.

Although he spends much of his time with his young family Angel has several other projects in the works this year.

Coming up he has Mindfreak the movie and will be part of the “In Residence on Broadway” show this summer.