It was a young Windsor mans' turn today to express remorse and sadness over the death of an Amherstburg motorcyclist.

David Cassady, 24, apologized to the family of Don Russell in court and took full responsibility for his actions last summer in a fatal crash in Windsor.

His voice wavered and he cried during this brief remarks and he never looked at the Russell family.

 Cassady says he understands if the family never forgives him for what he did.

He will be sentenced on Wednesday for criminal negligence in the 66-year-old’s death.

On July 28, 2015, Russell's motorcycle was struck from behind by a Inifiniti Sedan, driven by Cassady.

In the seconds leading up to the crash, Cassady was driving 190 kilometers per hour on EC Row. Court heard when he struck Russell's motorcycle his speed was down to 166 km/hr.

At the time of the crash, Cassady admitted to police he was texting behind the wheel.

Cassadys' family submitted character references for Justice Thomas Heeney to consider.

They describe Cassady as withdrawn and remorseful.

His step mother told the court David said to her “I wish it were me. I don't deserve to be here.”

An uncle describes Cassadys' actions as uncharacteristically foolish and misguided.

In speaking to the court himself, Cassady took full responsibility for his actions.

“It was never my intent to cause such heart ache,” he said in court. “I wish i could trade places and give him back to you, but I can't.”

He went on to say “Please know I will never forget or forgive myself.”

Cassady vowed to do whatever he can to prevent distracted driving in the future.

His defence lawyer Andrew Bradie says he has already created a lecture and has approached both school boards, seeking permission to talk to students.

That community outreach is one of the requests by his lawyer, for sentencing.

Bradie wants Heeney to impose a condition that Cassady launch a campaign about distracted driving, but only once he's out of jail.

The defence is asking for two years in prison and a five-year ban on driving afterwards.

The Crown wants a sentence of four to six years and a 10-year driving prohibition. Heeney will deliver his sentence Wednesday morning.

Both lawyers declined to comment until after the sentencing.

CTV’s Michelle Maluske has details from the courtroom: