WINDSOR, ONT. -- Some elderly Windsor residents want the Windsor Essex County Health Unit to re-evaluate how they schedule COVID-19 vaccines.

"He said, ‘okay, so you will go on Monday at 2:30 p.m. to Leamington,” said Annette Grigull, 81, of Windsor. “I was shocked. I said ‘why would I go to Leamington when I am a stone's throw from the WFCU Center.’"

Grigull’s sister experienced the same confusion.

"I've registered for a friend who is 97 years old. I'm kind of a care giver," said Helen Barry, who’s friend was also directed to the Nature Fresh Farm Recreation Complex in Leamington. "She was very upset. She said ‘I can't do this. Ask my son to leave work and drive me all the way to Leamington.’”

The long commute isn’t the only concern.

"When you get into the over 90 group, You’re talking to people who are easily confused,” said Barry. “One lady was Italian. She couldn't understand so the appointment didn't go through. There needs to be a better way."

The health unit claimed appointments at the WFCU Center book fast due to limited supply in doses.

"When an individual’s name is picked they are given an option. Wherever the option is available depending on when they are selected," said Dr. Wajid Ahmed, medical officer of health. "That is the only option at this time. They can choose to decline it but they will have to be reprioritized to go to the other location when it comes up."

Grigull said she will wait until an appointment becomes available closer to home.

"I got an email back saying I'm re-registered,” said Grigull. “I don't know if I’m registered twice, once. I don't know."