WINDSOR, ONT. -- A local dog owner is looking for answers after her Lab was attacked.

Earlier this month, Shayana Weiko’s sister Erika was taking her dog, Scooby, for a walk in the Town of Tecumseh when they were approached by another canine at the corner of Arbour and Lanoue Street.

"The girl that was walking the dog had it on a rather long thin leash for the type of dog," says Erika Weiko. 

Weiko instantly became concerned and started to distance herself, but the dog still approached her and allegedly began to attack Scooby. 

"I was just screaming at her get him away, back him up," says Weiko. 

Weiko tried to get in between the two, even putting her hand in the dog's mouth to try and release his jaw. 

Instead, the dog clamped down on Weiko’s hand. 

She says a nearby neighbour saw what was happening and tried to assist. 

"Once I got the dog to let go before he could come back again, he kind of laid over my dog and plus I was in between still."

According to Weiko, the person tried to stay but had no control over the dog. 

She was hoping they would return once it had calmed down, but they did not. 

Weiko isn’t sure if the dog is up to date with its shots. 

As a result, she’s received a tetanus shot and eight rabies shots. 

"Four in my hand, one in each arm, two in the back and I gotta go three more times."

Shayana Weiko is Scooby’s owner. 

She brought the Lab to a veterinarian who said he had broken blood vessels. 

"We just noticed after the incident he had a lump that had formed in the front part of his chest," says Weiko. 

Scooby is on a pain killer antibiotic and a cortisone cream. 

Tecumseh OPP say the matter was reported and the investigation is ongoing. 

"You wanna make sure you’re being responsible for your own dog but as well if there’s an incident with another dog you wanna get the persons information because a dog owner is responsible for the injuries caused by their dog," says Melanie Coulter, executive direction of the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society. 

Scooby is expected to make a full recovery. 

"I don’t want the animal put down if the city agrees with that," Weiko tells CTV News. 

The two sisters are hoping the owner of the dog will come forward.