A strong turnout at the Ward 6 meeting as hundreds gathered to hear from Windsor officials on how they plan to assist of residents whose basements were flooded.

They were also interested in strategies on ways to prevent future disasters.

This comes after ERCA classified last month’s rainfall as "typhoon level," due to the volume of rain, intensity of wind and lack of warning from Environment Canada.

Just shy of 350 residents turned out to hear from Ward 6 councillor Joanne Gignac and mayor Drew Dilkens, who outlined his eight-point plan to fix Windsor's flooding problems.

Other members of city administration were on hand to answer any questions from constituents.

More than 200 millimetres of rain fell on Windsor and the surrounding areas over a 24-hour period last month that caused $175 million in damage.

Some residents may be able to apply for funding from the Ontario's Disaster Recovery Assistance Program. 

Some attendees told CTV News residents need to work with all levels of government to find ways to alleviate the problem.