A Lakeshore woman is looking for answers after she found a dead alpaca on her property.  

Warning: This story contains graphic details some readers may find offensive.

Kati Panasiuk posted on Facebook Wednesday that someone “discarded a poor loving animal on our private 50 acres in what seems to be within the last day or two.”


She says they “cut off the legs, gutted it and tossed it like trash in attempts to hide the body on our property, along with all its guts and body parts.”

Greg Precop has owned an alpaca farm in Harrow for 17 years. He tells CTV News the dead animal is not from his farm, but he believes the death is suspicious.

“They are passive,” says Precop.”Their first tendency if they were threatened would be to run away. They would never go off the property as long as food is still handy."

Precop adds the animal's meat is common in countries like Peru, but not in Canada.

Even if the animal was killed for consumption, Precop says there are rules on how to properly dispose of their remains.

The Windsor-Essex County Humane Society is investigating.

Executive director Melanie Coulter says they are looking into all possible causes into how the carcass got there.

The humane society is also appealing for the public’s help.

If anyone saw anything, they are asked to call authorities.