For a second day, a current Windsor police officer submitted documents but little testimony before a Human Rights Tribunal.

Staff Sergeant Christine Bissonnette has been submitting more than 40 exhibits, detailing what she believes is a human rights violation.

Bissonnette said at the hearing at city hall Thursday that "gender bias discrimination is alive and well within the Windsor Police Service.”

An officer since 1987, Bissonnette alleges she was overlooked twice for promotion – in 2006 for the rink of staff sergeant and again in 2015 for an inspector position -- because she is a woman.

Bissonnette also claims she faced daily harassment from her coworkers for the duration of her career and it only got worse after she filed a human rights violation against the force.

Bissonnette alleges the police service is run on a system of privilege and claims there's a glass ceiling and barriers in place for women.

The Windsor Police Service has yet to defend the allegations at the hearing, which continues next Thursday Sept. 13.