WINDSOR, ONT -- Just like how the Grinch tried to steal Christmas, porch pirates are trying to steal your presents.

Considering how much online shopping we're doing these days and the recent cyber Monday, there will be tons of deliveries tempting these thieves.

Local police want you be on alert as the sunsets across the region, police in Windsor-Essex want you to think about stopping porch pirates in their tracks, before they set their sights towards your front door.

"We're asking people, think ahead of time so we can make things difficult for the thieves," said Const. Amanda Allen with Essex OPP.

Porch pirates are nothing new they're people that steal newly delivered packages from other people's porches and December is their busy season.

As CTV News reported this week, Crime Stoppers is offering 150 dollars for information that leads to the identity of a porch pirate .. or the recovery of stolen property.

"Usually when you have cameras you can prove it that a package was taken," said Steve Peterson.

Peterson orders stuff online often and credits his home security cameras and nearby neighbours for helping him never fall victim.

"Amazon is pretty good about it, they'll take care of it and reimburse you and hopefully we don't run into those guys," said Peterson.

“If you're going to invest in camera, spend the money and invest in cameras that are actually going to help you," said Allen. "Sometimes we get camera footage and its so grainy we cant even decipher, especially with people wearing masks right now."

The OPP offer tips to secure your deliveries like using tracking devices, making a plan with a neighbour, or your boss to allow for delivery to work.

Or talk with the company your package is coming from, to sign on delivery, or place in a concealed box.

"Police will want to know make model serial number value company that was doing the delivery where it was shipped from and where it was due to be delivered,” said Allen

She also suggests to be a good neighbour and call police or Crime Stoppers if you see something suspicious.

"The quicker we can look into it, the better chances we have of getting it back."