Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare is discussing ways to eliminate the wait list for children requiring mental health services.

Sonja Grbevski, the vice president of Mental Health Addictions at HDGH, said right now they have 245 kids on a waitlist.

In her presentation to the hospital board of directors on Wednesday, Grbevski said she wants to eliminate the wait list for children in Windsor-Essex in the next nine months.

“We want to be able to provide care to individuals when they need us,” said Grbevski. “In particular when you're talking about little wee ones, starting at the age of six, that we need to be available we don't want anyone to be on the waitlist.”

The children on the waitlist start at the age of six and they are currently waiting for four months for a variety of services, including crisis services, walk-in services as well as intensive treatment for children.

Grbevski added Hotel-Dieu works closely with all local school boards to help create a healthier community.