WINDSOR, ONT. -- The last two COVID-19 positive patients from Heron Terrace have returned home.

The patients from the long term care home were transitioned from the COVID-19 field hospital to Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare (HDGH). On Tuesday, the last of the residents recovering were transferred back to Heron Terrance.

"Our team at HDGH recognized that each of those wonderful 18 patients had been on a remarkable journey." CEO Janice Kaffir stated in a news release, "And I personally wanted them to know that we are all so very proud to have been part of their recovery. We take tremendous pride in the quality of care we provided while at the same time celebrating the strength and resiliency of each of those patients."

HDGH established a 32 bed unit and a 40 bed unit at the onset of the pandemic for more hospital bed capacity and on May 14 admitted the first two patients transferred from the field hospital. In total, 18 COVID-19 positive long term residents from Heron Terrace were transferred to HDGH to recover.

The news release from HDGH states the temporary unit came together due to a partnered effort including beds provided by St. Clair College. President Patti France said when designing the Applied Health Sciences Centre, it was equipped and styled to replicate a small-scale hospital.

“The fact that our local healthcare system was able to use our resources during this crisis, in a real-world fashion, reinforces our confidence that we are giving students a highly practical education,” she said. “And that means that our graduates will be ready to serve the healthcare needs of our community for years to come."

HDGH says it is maintaining the 40 overflow beds to respond to future patient care demands related to “the ongoing challenges” throughout the pandemic.

“Whether it is collaborating with our community partners to support our marginalized and at risk citizens, supporting the Long Term Care sector, or even providing additional bed capacity, our team has taken measures to respond in an immediate and timely fashion," Kaffer said.