Windsor Regional Hospital and the city are appealing to the province to help pay for a new emergency response system.

The system would notify residents, city staff and hospital employees about emergencies.

Hospital CEO David Musyj says the flood at the end of August is a good example of when the system could be implemented.

The ER at the Met hospital had to close due to flooding after a record rainfall in Windsor-Essex.

Hospital manager of corporate communications Steve Erwin says the system could notify a greater number of people.

“Twitter is a way to get a message out quickly, but what happens if you don't happen to check your Twitter?” says Erwin.

“So if you have a message that is coming directly into your phone or your business, we think that's a good way to get the messages out quickly.”

The cost to operate the emergency response system is about $30,000 a year. But Erwin says the cost could be reduced if other agencies join the system.

A decision from the provincial government is expected in early 2018.