The Windsor-Essex Humane Society has taken action against the caretaker of a horse many believed to be malnourished.

Officials from the Humane Society and the Ontario SPCA arrived with Windsor police at the home at County Road 42 around 2 p.m. Thursday.

The horse, named ‘Lovey’, is now in veterinary care at a foster home for assessment.

Humane Society Executive Director Melanie Coulter tells CTV Windsor orders issued to the residents on August 5 were not met by Noon Thursday, and the horse was removed for non-compliance.

As CTV Windsor reported on Tuesday, the Humane Society had received a number of complaints about the horse’s condition.

Joe Melone, a Chicago police officer visiting the area, said he was disgusted by what he saw.

“It was absolutely horrible. It was malnourished; it was infested with flies. One of them has a terrible sore on (it),” said Melone.

But caretaker Shawn Berthiaume tells CTV Windsor they have done nothing wrong.

“We don't believe in mistreating our animals at all,” says Berthiaume. “Unfortunately right now we have to show other people, we have to let them go in good faith to prove that."

According to Berthiaume, ‘Lovey’ is 29-years-old and is healthy. But he notes it is common for horses her age to whither with time.

Berthiaume also claims they had already contacted a vet, who was set to come to their property later Thursday afternoon, but the humane society got there first. He is confident ‘Lovely’ will be back home after her assessment.

"For animals activists right now, before they jump the gun, please sit back and examine what's really going on in the world, and your community,” says Berthiaume. “I wish everybody would just back off.”

In a statement to CTV Windsor, Coulter says “the horse has been transported to a foster home and was immediately provided with veterinary care.”

Coulter adds “all other horses on the property remain under the outstanding orders which officers are monitoring.  The investigation is active and ongoing."

The OSPCA told Berthiaume that he will receive a bill for Lovely’s treatment this week, and he must pay it within five days.