Horse racing has returned to Leamington.

The Lakeshore Horseracing Association has announced it is one step closer to getting a new track in Lakeshore.

This comes after the Ontario Racing Commission approved four race dates at Leamington Raceway earlier this month.

Sammie Yousseh says he's desperate to get back to betting.

"People we're lined up to come into the place everyone is excited. It's a beautiful day and we are excited to get the fairgrounds going again," says Yousseh.

"I can feel the energy, I can feel the excitement," he adds.

This was after Windsor Raceway was forced to close its doors after the cancellation of the province's Slots at Racetracks program.

Now, more than a year later things are finally turning around.

After months of pushing the ORC, the Lakeshore horse racing group finally got what it wished for.

If these race dates prove the be successful, the group hopes to get approved for a total of 10 race dates next year and it doesn't stop there.

The Lakeshore Horse Racing Association hopes to build a new facility in Lakeshore within the next two to five years.

"Everyone is eager to get racing back in Windsor-Essex County," says Ann Taylor, racing enthusiast.

Racing will continue the next three Sundays at the Leamington Fairgrounds.