A Holiday Inn Express is coming to Lakeshore.

The hotel will be built in between Boston Pizza and Estetica Day Spa on Amy Croft Drive off Manning Road.

The hotel will be part of the property of the Tecumseh Golf Centre, but the driving range will not close.

Lakeshore mayor Tom Bain admits it has been a long time coming.

“It’s something we’ve been wanting for years,” says Bain.

There’s no word yet on how many rooms or floors will be built but Bain believes whatever it is, the accommodations are needed.

“With our Atlas Tube Centre and so many tournaments going on in the area, with baseball, hockey, soccer, unfortunately in the past we've had to turn away families and say you'll have to go somewhere else,” says Bain.

The mayor adds the hotel will help generate more money for the economy.

“When these tournaments come in you're running anywhere from 20 to 60 teams so when you start adding up the number of people coming into town, they need a place to stay, they need a place to eat, they need a place to shop,” adds Bain.

Petretta Construction will build the new hotel.

Bain tells CTV News he expects work to begin in the fall and that it could pave the way for more development.