Three Southpoint  Minor Hockey Association players have been suspended for their role in an alleged bullying incident earlier this year.

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association’s report was released to CTV News Thursday night. In it, Bill Hutton of the OMHA concludes three players took part in a “major infraction of bullying”.

Josh Bluhm, 16, first told CTV News in January he was locked in a washroom and his gear bag was dumped and thrown in a garbage can. Bluhm also alleged his clothes had been urinated on. While Hutton does not substantiate the allegation that players urinated on Bluhm’s clothes, he does agree with the player’s account of the washroom incident. He also says there is evidence the garbage can incident occurred.

Hutton goes on to say, “I am of the opinion that all three players were party to the bullying concerning the bag incident on January 14 which would constitute a major infraction of bullying.”

The OMHA has suspended the three players allegedly involved until Jan. 1, 2015. The association is also requiring the players send letters of apology to Bluhm.

According to the report, the decision may be appealed to the Ontario Hockey Federation.