The City of Windsor is getting closer to naming a final resting place for Streetcar # 351.

The historic streetcar was donated to the city last year and is in the process of being restored by RM Auto Restoration, at a cost of up to $750,000. The 100-year-old streetcar is about 30 per cent restored.

A staff report going before council on June 4 notes the preferred location is the celestial beacon near the University of Windsor within the outdoor sculpture garden at the foot of Askin Avenue.

The city favours the location for a number of reasons, including existing parking close-by, washrooms, utilities and sufficient space to accommodate the streetcar. It’s also close to the Sandwich Heritage area which would complement the streetcar’s history.

The city also held public open house that had about 30 attendees, as well as about 330 survey responses. Of those responses, roughly 25 per cent identified the riverfront as an ideal place for the finished work.