Leamington's Highbury Canco Corp. is expanding.

The company is adding a new production line, creating about 85 jobs.

The manufacturing facility primarily focuses on condiments, sauces and canned goods.

"It's a high new plastic speed line, bottling line so it can fill sauces, condiments, vinegar," says president and co-owner, Sam Diab.

He says those hired will join one of the strongest production teams in the country. 

"The people we have in this facility are people who have a strong food culture, will rival the skill set in any large company, yet we are a small company we can adapt quickly," says Diab.

It will boost their workforce to a total of 400 employees.

One of the company's latest contracts is with the American brand French's.

"The French’s company primarily known for their ketchup are getting into other red based products, some bbq sauces and ketchup,” says Diab. “So we are supplying them bulk paste, so then that past is going into their product through other facilities."