WINDSOR, ONT. -- Another step forward for high speed internet for Essex County residents.

County council approved a $2.3 million loan guarantee to SWIFT, the Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology pilot project.

The $209-million project is meant to provide faster internet service to rural areas in Essex County that are currently underserviced.

In preparation to ensure phase 3 projects will be completed on time, Essex County is one of fourteen participating municipalities being asked to provide a financial loan.

Warden Gary McNamara says the broadband infrastructure for Essex County is expected to be complete by the end of 2021.

McNamara tells CTV news the financial decision to loan money to SWIFT would keep the project going until reimbursed by upper levels of government.

“We put out the dollars to initiate those contracts with the ISPs. When all of that is signed, sealed, delivered then the provincial government releases those funds and they are repatriated back into the municipal coffers,” says McNamara.