It’s being called a crisis in Windsor-Essex.

Hiatus House, a social service agency for families experiencing domestic violence, is turning away women and children at an alarming rate.

Executive Director Thom Rolfe tells CTV News 118 women and 105 children have been turned away since January.

Rolfe says the reason is that there is not enough space at the home.

There are only 42 beds at Hiatus House, and Rolfe says they are reaching out to other organizations for help.

“This is the first time in our history that we have not been able to offer a bed when they’ve called” says Rolfe. “That’s the hardest thing for our staff at this point.”

Rolfe does say they are staying in contact with the people who need their help.

 "We are connecting them to other services that we have and letting them know when a bed becomes available” adds Rolfe.

On Friday, Hiatus House also celebrated the official opening of a children's playground at its property on Louis Avenue.

Childcare Coordinator Dana Richmond says the play area will allow children to get away from the serious problems at home.

“Hopefully it will rebuild those relationships that may have been struggling when they have been impacted by domestic violence at home “ says Richmond.

Friday’s opening is phase one of the project, made possible by the Ontario 150 community capital grant program as well as the four-year fundraising efforts of Royal Le Page Binder Real Estate.