WINDSOR, ONT. -- The Major Crimes Branch of Windsor police are investigating a violent brawl outside of a Windsor business.

A fight broke out Monday evening and multiple witnesses posted the video online.

The outburst involving about 15 people happened in the Lube King parking lot near the intersection of Tecumseh Road East and Central Avenue.

The apparent target - Moe Al Latif.

“Some people came over here, they’ve been threatening me for a while, and they came here and attacked me and my brother,” says Al Latif.

Al Latif is the owner of Lube King. He wouldn’t get into details as to what started the argument, saying it’s a police investigation.

Witnesses say people involved had weapons ranging from Machettes and knives, to pipes and bats.

Al Latif suffered a handful of injuries in the melee.

“I got stabbed in the back three times and I got a cut on my head and I broke my hand, but other than that, I’m good,” says Al Latif.

Near the end of the altercation a red pick-up drove into the parking lot striking multiple people before driving off.

“A heroic person in a red pickup truck saved my life because if it wasn’t for him, then these guys would have really really hurt me bad,”says Al Latif.

Officers say by the time police arrived the fight had already broken off.

“Many parties left in separate directions, some parties attended hospital, it was definitely a chaotic scene,” says Sgt. Andy Drouillard.

Police are calling this a “targeted incident,” the suspects and victims all known to one another.

As a result, three people were sent to hospital, two of whom, were arrested, facing assault-related charges.

Police also have four warrants for outstanding suspects.

Despite what happened, police confirm no one was seriously injured in the incident.

“Viewers can see this could have been much worse, we’re lucky these are on-life threatening injuries that we’re dealing with at this time. It was definitely a violent incident,” says Drouillard.

Al Latif says he’s a law abiding citizen and will strive to keep operating his business.

“It is not okay to come to somebody’s business and attack them in this way,” says Al Latif.

Major Crimes and Forensic Indntification officers were at the scene Tuesday and continue to look for clues, including surveillance footage.

“Crime is still going on in this city unfortunately,” says Drouillard, “And our investigators and officers are working very hard at identifying parties and holding them accountable.”