A Heinz spokesperson says his company will cease to operate the Leamington facility by June 27th after a 105 year history.

Michael Mullen says the H.J. Heinz Company has reached a deal to sell the plant.

Highbury Canco will take over all aspects of the operation, but Mullen says Heinz will maintain a relationship with the new company.

“We are pleased that Canco will manufacture some of Canada’s favorite products, including Heinz Tomato Juice, Heinz Beans, and Heinz canned pastas in the years to come.”

The director of Highbury Canco Corporation says now that a deal has been reached his company can focus on establishing a strong production base for Heinz and further strengthen the Highbury brand.

Pradeep Sood says his team is excited about the venture, ”We are committed to growth and success over the coming years.”

Highbury has already signed contracts with some area farmers to supply tomatoes.

There are 740 workers at Heinz.

Layoffs are expected to begin on Friday starting with 160 workers.

However, the deal is expected to save about 250 positions.