WINDSOR, ONT. -- The head of the Consulate of Mexico in Leamington was removed from his post and ordered to return home by his government last week after alleged explicit video of the Consul surfaced on social media.

Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Ministry launched an investigation following media reports of video posted on Twitter, which reportedly showed Darío Alberto Bernal Acero, masturbating at a desk.

The incident appeared to have taken place inside the consulate.

The full video has been removed from Twitter, but portions are still available in Mexican media reporting.

“The Foreign Ministry reports that as soon as it became aware of the issue, it recalled the Consul, instructing him to return to Mexico City as swiftly as possible,” a government spokesperson said.

The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs official also confirms an investigation is underway to determine any disciplinary action and that his government has kept Canadian authorities apprised of the situation.

In a written statement to CTV Windsor, the official reiterated the government ministry’s zero-tolerance policy for acts of harassment and other behaviors that violate the law of its Code of Ethics.