WINDSOR, ONT -- The hits keep coming for one local gym.

Closed for the better part of a year due to COVID-19, F45 Tecumseh recently had their gym equipment stolen.

“We’ve only been allowed to be open for four months in the last 12, and it’s like we’re doing our best and then this,” says owner Samantha Piercell.

Around 9 a.m. Saturday, a neighbouring tenant notified Piercell her storage unit was wide open.

It was housing most of her gym equipment.

“The lock was grinded on the ground. A lot of the equipment was gone,” says Piercell.

The excess equipment was moved to storage, allowing the gym to reopen last year, but were forced to closed again due to the latest lockdown.

“Four spinbikes were taken. Those were the majority of the haul,” Piercell explains to CTV Windsor.

Plyometric boxes, weights and a sled were also stolen.

“Some ropes. Suspension trainer equipment was taken. Basically anything they could get their hands on.”

Adding up to thousand of dollars.

“At first we did a quick calculation worth of stuff. Then after, we started calculating and calculating. It’s more than $15,000 worth of equipment that’s been stolen.”

Piercell is currently going through the process of getting new equipment, but due to supply and demand, she worries it could take a while to arrive.

“How do you come back from this? It’s a huge punch to the gut.”

A police report has been filed.

OPP is investigating and anyone with information is asked to contact them, or Crime Stoppers.