WINDSOR, ONT. -- A local businesswoman has released a new book to help women with breast cancer prepare for and get through treatment with comfort and confidence.

“Healing Pretty” written by Jackie Apostol-Pizzuti, owner of Wigs to Wellness and The Mastectomy Boutique in Windsor is a “comprehensive guide” telling women what to expect every step of the treatment journey.

“When women come to me, they’re overwhelmed with anxiety” said-Pizzuti. “They’re being bombarded with appointments, tests, treatment plans and in many cases already dealing with side-effects they hadn’t expected. Then they spend hours searching on the internet, or gathering pamphlets and brochures for information. That’s when I had the idea of an all-in-one guidebook that brings together all the important information in one place.”

The book was released for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and includes more than 300 resources to help women deal with the side effects of treatment.

“Healing Pretty” includes tips on how to cope with surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and more, offering those going through cancer treatment and their caregivers a detailed source of information.

It offers information about how to prepare before treatment including fertility preservation and surgery checklists, hair loss, and more.

“Healing Pretty was the best gift I received during my treatment,” said Rachel Spadotto, a cancer survivor. “I was terrified of what I found on the internet. This book kept it simple and to the point without all the medical terms and confusing lingo. It was light reading so I could read while waiting for appointments, and it gave me all the tools I needed to help me through my treatment process.”

Along with the book, there are free online resources available on the Healing Pretty book website.