Fathers were front and centre this weekend and in Windsor, a local group made sure dads were recognized.

Fantastic Fathers is a group that explores the evolving landscape of fatherhood.

Fantastic Fathers founder Steve Brown says his organization encourages both parents to be involved in their children’s lives.

The group encourages, promotes and supports mothers and fathers of all marital statuses to become the best parental figures possible.

Brown says on Father’s Day it’s a chance to celebrate the role of a father and the positive impact a father figure can have on a family.

“With father involvement, you’re talking 60 to 70 per cent, 80 per cent less chance of kids actually falling into some of these social pitfalls…poverty, crimes, drugs, incarceration," he says.

Fantastic Fathers believes it’s important to raise a child attentively.

Ryan Richardson, a volunteer for the group, says time and commitment are necessary for dads and kids to have healthy relationships.

“Keep the communication going; keep talking to them about everything. Talk about what they’re doing to school, what they’re learning," he says. "How they’re treating each other, because it’s so important for a father to be involved in their kids’ lives.”