A grievance has been filed against the U.S. company hired out to complete the ceiling repairs for the Detroit Windsor Tunnel.

The Labourers International Union of North America (LiUNA) filed the grievance last Wednesday.

Michigan based Toebe Construction has the contract for the $22-million dollar project, but no Canadian workers have been hired for the job.

It's estimated there are 15 workers on site. LiUNA says with a number of construction workers laid off and collecting unemployment at the moment, it is unacceptable that none of the workers on this job are Canadian.

LiUNA 625 assistant business manager Bill Moreland says there's been no communication from Toebe Construction despite numerous attempts to get answers, so the union was forced to file a grievance. 

“This work is supposed to go on until next June, so does that mean no Canadian workers get to work in that tunnel until next June?” asks Moreland. “We don't know. No one is getting back to us.”

“The tunnel corporation says it is looking into it,” adds Moreland.

Toebe Construction responded to the grievance late Monday afternoon. The union says it isn't able to comment on the response, at this time.

The tunnel opened in 1930 and runs beneath the surface of the Detroit River.

About 12,000 vehicles use the tunnel daily.