Parents are getting some help with healthy school lunches for their children.

It’s through a program called the “Green Heart Lunch Club.”

Dennis Rogers started the business about three years ago with one daycare in Kingsville.

Now, Rogers is helping to feed 15 schools and seven daycares in Windsor Essex.  That is close to 1600 lunches each week.

Rogers says he started the business with help from his sister, who is a holistic nutritionist.

Rogers says for about $5, parents can purchase hot, nutritious lunches made from scratch with all local ingredients.

Some of the meals include chicken soup, vegetable sushi, beef chili, pasta made with organic wheat noodles, even a turkey avocado wrap – and of course, fruits and vegetables.

Rogers claims the food comes out of an oven and is delivered to a school within an hour.

Parent Becky Ng purchased the Green Heart lunches for her children since the program first began at Bellewood Public School.

Ng says she loves the break from making lunches every day and she knows her children are getting healthy food at school.

Rogers’ long term vision is to provide a healthy lunch program in every school in Windsor Essex.

But last year, he also started a “Feed It Forward” program that allowed parents to purchase hot lunches for other children.

Rogers tells CTV Windsor more than a thousand of these lunches were donated to children in need.